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Author: Alfonso X
Title: El ‘Códice Rico‘ de las Cantigas de Alfonso X, el Sabio. Ms T.I.1. de la Biblioteca de El Escorial
Date: 1979
Publication details: Madrid: Edilán-Serie B, Códices artísticos, ediciones facsímiles 2, 1979. 2 vols.
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Commentary: Snow 2007rn"A monumental publishing event by any standards. Unfortunately, its size, quality, and price made it relatively inaccessible to all but a few private scholars and libraries. A scaled-down, coffee-table version was made available to the general public [also 1979] but its scholarly value is minimal.rnVolume I contains the full-size eight-color facsimile of T.I.1.: the 1,274 miniature panels, the text, the music. If one can feel some dissatisfaction — having seen the original — it would be that the quality of the color reproductions is perhaps not of high-enough a standard.rnVolume II, of the same size and format and exquisite bindings as the first volume, contains a series of studies that are intended to represent a "state-of-the-art" consensus on various aspects of the CSM, and these are by: M. López Serrano, J. Filgueira Valverde, R. Lorenzo Vázquez, J. Guerrera Lovillo, J. M. Llorens Cisteró, and, again, this time with a bibliography, J. Filgueira Valverde. Each of these is reviewed separately.rnAn added attraction is a two-disc stereo recording of 23 of the CSM. These are attached to the inside covers of vol. II and listed on pp. 391-96. The interpretation is by Holland's 'Música Ibérica' and the cantigas are (in order): 1, 173, 179, 21, 111, 167; 50, 34, 12, 176, 193 [= disc 1, A and B]; and 160, 47, 125, 136, 42, 29; 140, 147, 144, 127, 68, and 100 [= disc 2, A and B]. Numbers in italics indicate instrumental peformance only."
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