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This screen lists all the miracles in the selected collection, with their conventional titles. Links to online texts are provided where known.
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No: Miracle:
1 De ordine initiali miraculorum (Soissons)
2 Of the brilliant sights on the previous day (Soissons)
3 A girl healed by the Virgin’s slipper (Soissons)
4 De stellis fugantibus caliginem (Soissons)
5 A woman who bit the slipper (Soissons)
6 Quanta devotio populi (Soissons)
7 A woman whose nose was restored (Soissons)
8 An incredulous workman who was reproached (Soissons)
9 A boy from Soissons carried to heaven in a vision (Soissons)
10 A mute healed by a vision (Soissons)
11 A miracle about another deaf-mute cured by a vision (Soissons)
12 A foolhardy cowherd avenged (Soissons)
13 A blind woman’s sight restored (Soissons)
14 A deaf-mute healed (Soissons)
15 A mute boy from Cologne healed (Soissons)
16 A woman freed from a demon (Soissons)
17 A rich madman of Douai (Soissons)
18 Some pilgrims guided on their way by Holy Mary (Soissons)
19 A woman who discharged stones (Soissons)
20 A paralytic healed (Soissons)
21 A blind woman’s sight restored (Soissons)
22 A woman who could not enter the church (Soissons)
23 A woman’s swollen abdomen healed at Easter (Soissons)
24 A sick person healed by some bread which had touched the slipper (Soissons)
25 Two squires freed from captivity (Soissons)
26 A mother whose son was rescued (Soissons)
27 A blind woman who was healed (Soissons)
28 Radulfo Cantello (Soissons)
29 Two women healed of ignis sacer (Soissons)
30 A new outbreak of ignis sacer (Soissons)
31 A man healed of an illness in his feet (Soissons)