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This screen lists all the miracles in the selected collection, with their conventional titles. Links to online texts are provided where known.
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No: Miracle:
1.1 Two young men unharmed in the water (Rocamadour)
1.2 A priest revived by the power of Our Lady (Rocamadour)
1.3 A woman who broke her vow is punished by divine vengeance (Rocamadour)
1.4 Some thieves unable to do injury to a pilgrim (Rocamadour)
1.5 An excommunicate who presumed to enter the Virgin’s church (Rocamadour)
1.6 A thieving pilgrim deprived of the use of his tongue (Rocamadour)
1.7 A mortally wounded woman cured by the Blessed Virgin (Rocamadour)
1.8 A knight’s wife and daughter restored to health (Rocamadour)
1.9 A knight’s house saved from fire (Rocamadour)
1.10 A Lombard rescued from a fire and later freed from chains (Rocamadour)
1.11 Someone else miraculously rescued from an unheard-of punishment (Rocamadour)
1.12 A noble who escaped from a precipice (Rocamadour)
1.13 A youth saved from shipwreck and hanging (Rocamadour)
1.14 A knight cured by the Virgin after being run through with a lance (Rocamadour)
1.15 A shrivelled arm cured by Our Lady (Rocamadour)
1.16 A blind boy given his sight (Rocamadour)
1.17 A man whose lost teeth were restored (Rocamadour)
1.18 A man freed from his chains (Rocamadour)
1.19 A bull given to St Mary which brought back its herd (Rocamadour)
1.20 A woman with dropsy restored to health (Rocamadour)
1.21 Three blind people cured (Rocamadour)
1.22 A lame woman cured (Rocamadour)
1.23 A small child, blind since birth, who gained its sight (Rocamadour)
1.24 A knight who harassed a pilgrim and was assailed by infernal fire (Rocamadour)
1.25 A lady cured of a polyp (Rocamadour)
1.26 A mute woman to whom the power of speech was restored (Rocamadour)
1.27 A ship which was saved and some wine which did not spill (Rocamadour)
1.28 A mad woman who recovered her senses (Rocamadour)
1.29 A man who was struck by an arrow and could not be healed (Rocamadour)
1.30 Another man who was run through with a lance (Rocamadour)
1.31 Desperate men aboard ship freed by the Queen of Virgins (Rocamadour)
1.32 A knight whom an enemy was unable to harm (Rocamadour)
1.33 A girl deaf and dumb since birth (Rocamadour)
1.34 A piece of wax which fell onto a lute (Rocamadour)
1.35 A demoniac freed from a demon (Rocamadour)
1.36 A woman who could not sink (Rocamadour)
1.37 A priest cured by the sign of pilgrimage (Rocamadour)
1.38 A cripple cured by a vision (Rocamadour)
1.39 A deaf and dumb woman who was cured (Rocamadour)
1.40 A man restored to health with his horses (Rocamadour)
1.41 The horrible illness of a woman (Rocamadour)
1.42 Robbers who left what they had stolen with its rightful owner (Rocamadour)
1.43 The Virgin’s messenger who cured a scrofulous woman (Rocamadour)
1.44 A swollen girl who was also cured (Rocamadour)
1.45 Knights deprived of the power of speech (Rocamadour)
1.46 Men who were appointed to fight in single combat (Rocamadour)
1.47 A thief who stole from a pilgrim of the Blessed Mary (Rocamadour)
1.48 A knight cured of a lump (Rocamadour)
1.49 Another wounded man for whom there was no hope (Rocamadour)
1.50 A prisoner’s broken chains (Rocamadour)
1.51 A young man hurt by many lethal wounds (Rocamadour)
1.52 A very serious illness (Rocamadour)
1.53 A captive is freed by his mother’s faith (Rocamadour)
2.1 Three abbots saved from shipwreck (Rocamadour)
2.2 A knight tied up in an un-heard of way (Rocamadour)
2.3 A young man suffering from a fistula (Rocamadour)
2.4 A countess who had a swelling (Rocamadour)
2.5 A miracle involving a mute woman (Rocamadour)
2.6 A knight who mocked pilgrims going to Rocamadour (Rocamadour)
2.7 The same knight’s daughter cured (Rocamadour)
2.8 Henchmen who wanted to seize a peasant’s property (Rocamadour)
2.9 Thieves deprived of their sight (Rocamadour)
2.10 A frenzied cleric who was cured (Rocamadour)
2.11 A thief who stole a vase belonging to Our Lady (Rocamadour)
2.12 Doves which multiplied (Rocamadour)
2.13 A bishop of Orléans cured (Rocamadour)
2.14 A starling restored to its mistress (Rocamadour)
2.15 A woman who was afflicted by many blows (Rocamadour)
2.16 A cleric cured of melancholy (Rocamadour)
2.17 A knight who escaped from his enemies (Rocamadour)
2.18 A blind man who regained his sight (Rocamadour)
2.19 A similar story of a blind woman who gained her sight (Rocamadour)
2.20 A disaster in the East (Rocamadour)
2.21 A cowherd overcome by an illness in his legs (Rocamadour)
2.22 A dean who suffered from an acute fever (Rocamadour)
2.23 Another occasion when this same man was gripped by fever (Rocamadour)
2.24 A knight who suffered from epilepsy and paralysis (Rocamadour)
2.25 Dogs which were struck down (Rocamadour)
2.26 The presumption of a church guardian (Rocamadour)
2.27 Another presumptuous man (Rocamadour)
2.28 A great storm at sea (Rocamadour)
2.29 A woman who went into labour every day (Rocamadour)
2.30 A woman who did not faithfully look after what was entrusted to her (Rocamadour)
2.31 A boy cured (Rocamadour)
2.32 A youth suffering from paralysis (Rocamadour)
2.33 Someone whose hands were cured (Rocamadour)
2.34 Pirates prevented from attacking Christians (Rocamadour)
2.35 A boy revived and a killer punished (Rocamadour)
2.36 A blind woman who became sighted during the carrying of the light (Rocamadour)
2.37 A calming of the air at sea (Rocamadour)
2.38 The cure of an abbot of Cluny (Rocamadour)
2.39 A piece of iron extracted from a wounded man’s body (Rocamadour)
2.40 A knight who recovered his senses (Rocamadour)
2.41 A youth afflicted by an illness in his legs (Rocamadour)
2.42 Another knight cured of a deadly wound (Rocamadour)
2.43 A fire put out through the merits of the Virgin (Rocamadour)
2.44 The faithful custody of the Mother of the Lord (Rocamadour)
2.45 An open wound bound and cured (Rocamadour)
2.46 A cured cripple (Rocamadour)
2.47 Another sick person cured (Rocamadour)
2.48 A deaf woman (Rocamadour)
2.49 Someone who fell out of a tree (Rocamadour)
3.1 The miraculous voyage of some sailors (Rocamadour)
3.2 A cured youth (Rocamadour)
3.3 A man cured of dropsy (Rocamadour)
3.4 The barbarians killed by a falling wall (Rocamadour)
3.5 Money entrusted to Our Lady (Rocamadour)
3.6 Oxen restored to their owner (Rocamadour)
3.7 A punished thief (Rocamadour)
3.8 Other thieves who were punished with madness (Rocamadour)
3.9 A cured hawk (Rocamadour)
3.10 A cured merchant (Rocamadour)
3.11 A lame knight who had blasphemed against the church of Rocamadour (Rocamadour)
3.12 The mill that remained undamaged (Rocamadour)
3.13 An epileptic man is cured (Rocamadour)
3.14 A knight who broke his vow and was punished by the reappearance of a fistula (Rocamadour)
3.15 A house that did not burn down (Rocamadour)
3.16 Another instance of houses that did not burn down (Rocamadour)
3.17 A man rescued from drowning (Rocamadour)
3.18 A man freed from his chains on the Feast of the Assumption (Rocamadour)
3.19 A woman working on Saturday evening (Rocamadour)
3.20 An ill man is cured (Rocamadour)
3.21 A paralysed woman is cured (Rocamadour)
3.22 A squire who miraculously escapes from prison (Rocamadour)
3.23 This same man and another are imprisoned anew and again freed (Rocamadour)
3.24 A woman saved from the fire (Rocamadour)