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No: Miracle:
7.1 Of the mystic names of the B.M.V.
7.2 Of her image which sweated for fear of the Divine Judgment
7.3 Of the plague of Friesland
7.4 Of a feeble-minded priest, who was degraded by S. Thomas of Canterbury
7.5 Of a priest of Dern, deposed because he was half-witted
7.6 Of the lord Pope Innocent, who was reproved by S. Mary
7.7 Of the punishment of the enemies of Marienstatt
7.8 Of Henry, canon of S. Kunibert
7.9 Of the monk who was sick in the Trappist monastery
7.10 Of two beggars who lay ill in a hospital of Paris
7.11 Of Peter the one-eyed abbot of Clairvaux
7.12 Of monks and lay-brothers in Hemmenrode
7.13 Of the same lay-brother, and of other sick lay-brothers
7.14 Of the monks whom she blessed in their sleep
7.15 Of the appearance of the B.V.M. with S. Elizabeth and S. Mary Magdalene
7.16 Life of Dom Christian, monk of Hemmenrode
7.17 Of the sacristan of Locheim
7.18 Of a monk of the same monastery who at vigils saw S. Mary
7.19 Of another monk of the same house to whom the Blessed Mary appeared
7.20 Of the visions of the noble maiden of Quida
7.21 Of the devout Christina, who saw S. Mary on the day of the Assumption
7.22 Of Otto the prefect of Xanten
7.23 Of a clerk to whom S. Mary gave a new tongue
7.24.1 Of Adam the monk of Locheim who was cured by S. Mary of eczema
7.24.2 Of the cures wrought in Montpellier
7.24.3 Sardenay
7.25 Of a lay-brother who was delivered from the attacks of the devil by the Ave Maria
7.26 Of a recluse who escaped from the snares of the devil
7.27 Of a matron who by the same angelic salutation was delivered from an attack on her purity
7.28 Of the knight Theodoric whose chains were loosed by the merits of S. Mary
7.29 Of a priest of Polch to whom S. Mary appeared that she might take away his fear of a thunderstorm
7.30 Of the Blessed Elizabeth of Schönau
7.31 Of a clerk in whose mouth S. Mary placed bread
7.32 Of a knight who was tempted on account of his master’s wife
7.33 Of a nun who was inflamed with love for a certain clerk
7.34 Beatrice the Sacristan
7.35 Of a knight who failed in his vigils
7.36 Of the monk Henry who was ejected
7.37 Of the wonderful visions of Dom Bertram of Karixtus
7.38 Virgin Acts as a Knight
7.39 Of our abbot to whom S. Mary appeared
7.40 Of the bishop Theodoric
7.41 Of a scholar of Cologne
7.42 Of the punishment of Sybodon and his allies
7.43 Of the punishment of a gambler who blasphemed S. Mary
7.44 Of the punishment of a certain matron of Veldenz
7.45 Of a matron who recovered her daughter who had been carried off by a wolf
7.46 Of the image of S. Mary in Essen
7.47 Electuary
7.48 Of a nun, whose injured leg was anointed and healed by S. Mary in a vision
7.49 Of a recluse who, through the Ave Maria, experienced a wonderful sweetness
7.50 Of a monk who was kissed by S. Mary in the hour of death
7.51 Of the lay-brother Herman
7.52 Of the lay-brother Pavo
7.53 Of a nun to whom she appeared in death
7.54 Of the monk Warner
7.55 Of a canon of Cologne to whom she showed herself at his death
7.56 Of Kono, a crusader, whom S. Mary comforted in death
7.57 Of a beheaded knight who by her help escaped from hell
7.58 Of a robber who she caused to be buried in a church
7.59 Cistercians Beneath the Virgin's Cloak