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This screen lists all the miracles in the selected collection, with their conventional titles. Links to online texts are provided where known.
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No: Miracle:
1 Hildefonsus
2 The Drowned Sacristan
3 Clerk of Chartres
4 Five Gaudes
5 Charitable Almsman
6 Monk of St Peter's at Cologne
7 Ebbo the Thief
8 Theophilus
9 Mead
10 Conceptio (Elsinus)
11 Mother of Mercy: Meminimus, Pseudo-Anselm
12 Ploughing on the Magdalen's Day
13 Bridegroom: Transported to a Remote Region
14 Milk: Tongue and Lips Restored
15 Nun Tempted to Elope [sees pit of serpents]
16 The Rustic Who Removed Landmarks
17 The Prior of St Saviour's, Pavia
18 Pilgrim of St. James
19 Hieronymus Made Bishop of Pavia
20 Stained Corporal
21 Fire at Mont St. Michel
22 Clerk of Pisa
23 Two Brothers at Rome
24 Abbot Leofric of Chertsey
25 Saturday
26 Mary Image Insulted
27 Complines
28 Milk: Monk Laid Out as Dead
29 Monk Dies Suddenly in Burgundy
30 A Nun's Penance left Uncompleted
31 Musa
32 Mother of Mercy
33 Sacristan Worthy to Kiss Hands and Feet of Mary
34 Boy Devoted to the Devil
35 Excommunicate Absolved by Foolish Servant of Mary
36 Love Gained by Black Arts
37 Devil in Three Beast-Shapes
38 St. Bon and his Vestment/ Robe Given to St. Bon
39 The Priest Who Only Knew One Mass
40 Will Taken for Deed
41 Toledo
42 Libia (a mistake for Lydda)
43 Gethsemane
44 Bread Offered to the Christ-Child
45 The Chaste Empress
46 Childbirth in the Sea
47 Son Restored to Life [son of a French knight]
48 St. Dunstan and the Virgin's Choir
49 St. Dunstan
50 Pilgrim in the Sea
51 Light on the Masthead
52 Eulalia
53 Jew Lends to Christian
54 Hours Sung Daily
55 Abbess Delivered [Pregnant Abbess]
56 Drowned Sacristan: Clerk Named Nonus; Friend Prays
57 A Foreign Cripple Cured in England
58 Maid of Arras
59 Murieldis
60 Three Knights
61 Deaths of the Rich Man and the Poor Widow
62 Incest Between Mother and Son
63 Stepmother and Stepson
64 Wife and Mistress
65 Foot Cut Off
66 Jewish Boy: Covered with her Cloak
67 Clerk Who Saw a Great Light at His Window
68 Woman is healed at Soissons
69 Milk: Twenty-Three Plants in Flower
70 Julian the Apostate/ Death of Julian
71 Hairs of the Virgin in the Abbey of Capelle
72 Abbot Cured by the Hairs of the Virgin in the Abbey of Capelle
73 King Louis Witnesses the Cures at Soissons
74 Bishop of Scarra Released from Prison
75 Sight Given to a Blind Child at Westminster
76 Knight Released by the Prayers of his Sister
77 Leprous Woman at Soissons