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This screen lists all the miracles in the selected collection, with their conventional titles. Links to online texts are provided where known.
Click on the miracle number for further details.  Use your browser's BACK button to return to the list of collections.

No: Miracle:
1 Child revived (Salas)
2 Knight recovers lost goshawk (Salas)
3 Possessed man is exorcised at Salas
4 Man recovers from beating (Salas)
5 Stillborn child is revived (Salas)
6 Arrow is extracted from eye (Salas)
7 Vineyard is protected from hail (Salas)
8 Gambler renounces Virgin (Salas)
9 Statue protests at monk's arrest (Salas)
10 Lame man is healed (Salas)
11 Muslim child revived (Salas)
12 Child dead for three days is revived (Salas)
13 Boy rescued from river (Salas)
14 Pilgrims bound for Acre survive storm (Salas)
15 Man passes kidney stones (Salas)
16 Captive is freed from Moors (Salas)
17 Gouged Out Eyes are Restored (Salas)
18 Mule is revived (Salas)
19 Lame woman of Molina (Salas)
20 Pilgrim healed of dragon's bane (Salas)
21 Blind girl healed (Salas)
22 Arrow pierces squire's side (Salas)