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This screen lists all the miracles in the selected collection, with their conventional titles. Links to online texts are provided where known.
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No: Miracle:
1 Chartres Saved by the Virgin's Shift
2 Virgin Comes to Devil Instead of His Victim
4 Monks on Riverbank
5 Demon, in man's guise, torments woman
6 Woman with the Candle
7 Saved by Learning Two Words, Ave Maria [knight turned monk; lily grows from mouth]
8 Devil in Service
9 Clerk of Pisa
11 The Prior of St Saviour's, Pavia
12 Stained Corporal
13 Mead
14 Toledo
15 Wife and Mistress
16 The Virgin's Image Insulted [latrine]
17 Sudden Death/ Sudden Death of a Monk [Burgundy]
18 A Nun's Penance left Uncompleted
19 Chorister Killed by Jews
20 Bridegroom: Transported to a Remote Region
21 Musa
23 Boy Devoted to the Devil
24 Excommunicate Absolved by Foolish Servant of Mary
25 Love Gained by Black Arts
26 St. Bon and his Vestment/ Robe Given to St. Bon
27.1 Will Taken for Deed
27.2 Libia (a mistake for Lydda)
28 Bread Offered to the Christ-Child
29 The Chaste Empress
30 Childbirth in the Sea
31 Son Restored to Life [son of a French knight]
32 St. Dunstan and the Virgin's Choir
33.1 Shipwreck: Souls Like White Doves: Pilgrim Saved
33.2 Light on the Masthead
34 Jew Lends to Christian
35 Hours Sung Daily
36 The Drowned Sacristan
38 A Hundred Aves a Day
39 Christ Denied, but not the Virgin
40 Child-Christ and Ave Maria
41 Ploughing on the Magdalen's Day
42 A Foreign Cripple Cured in England
43 John of Damascus
45 Aves Seen as Roses
46 Girl Named Mary
47 Commendation to the Virgin
48 Prayer to Live for Confession [Nevers]
49 Woman Saved from Suicide [swallows spider]
50 Abbess Delivered [Pregnant Abbess]
52 The Charitable Almsman
53 Incest Between Mother and Son
55 Prayer to Live for Confession [Nevers]
58 Vicious Priest and Thomas Becket
61 Child Saved From Drowning [says Ave Maria]
62 The Rustic Who Removed Landmarks
64 The Painter and the Devil
65 Foot Cut Off
70 Abbess Delivered [Pregnant Abbess]
72 Jar Filled with Tears as Penance