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This screen lists all the miracles in the selected collection, with their conventional titles. Links to online texts are provided where known.
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No: Miracle:
1 The Chaste Empress
2 Childbirth in the Sea
3 Woman Revived for Confession
4 Murieldis
5 Devil in Three Beast-Shapes
6 Ebbo the Thief
7 Monks at their Field-Work
8 Columns Raised by Three Schoolboys
9 Vision of St. Dominic
10 Day of Doom Postponed
11 Punished for Insulting the Host
12 Mary-Image Sweats
13 Five Sorrows
14 Seven Joys
15 Christ Child Seized as a Pledge
16 Child Rescued from Wolf
17 Boy Unhurt in Fire
18 Bread Offered to the Christ-Child
19 Jewish Boy: Jew of Bourges
20 Jewess Helped in Childbirth
21 Hieronymus Made Bishop of Pavia
22 Sacristan Deceived by the Devil
23 Adopted by the Virgin
24 Innocent Woman Saved
25 Abbess Delivered [Pregnant Abbess]
26 The Nun Who Saw the World [Beatrice; B.V. takes nun's place]
27 Matron's Chastity Preserved
28 A Hundred Aves a Day
29 Deaf-Mute Enabled to Confess
30 Abbot Leofric of Chertsey
31 Tongue Restored [torn out by heretics]
32 Sight Given to a Blind Man
33 Milk: Tongue and Lips Restored
34 John of Damascus
35 Blasphemer Punished [man strikes foot on stone]
36 Ploughing on the Magdalen's Day
37 Three Knights
38 Nun's Knee Healed
39 Spendthrift Reclaimed
40 Pilgrim in the Sea
41 Light on the Masthead
42 Captive Knight Escapes
43 Theophilus
44 Commendation to the Virgin
45 Prayers Ordered for a Hangman's Soul
46 Robber Saved by Five Words
47 Cistercian Reconciled With Christ
48 Wife and Mistress
49 Wife and Mistress
50 Fighting Devils with a Taper
51 Sins Outweighed by a Drop of Christ's Blood
52 The Rustic Who Removed Landmarks
53 Robber Fasts and Cannot Die Unconfessed
54 Cannot Die Unconfessed
55 Cannot Die Unconfessed
56 Prayer to Live for Confession [Nevers]
57 Mater Misericordiae
58 Knight Saved by Repeating Aves
59 Monk of St Peter's at Cologne
60 Kissed by the Virgin
61 A Dying Monk Curses then Blesses his Vows
62 Devil as Confessor
63 Deaths of the Rich Man and the Poor Widow
64 Girl Named Mary
65 Clerk of Chartres
66 Quarrelsome Deacon
67 Chorister Killed by Jews
68 A Nun's Penance left Uncompleted
69 Devil in Service
70 Aves Seen as Roses
71 Ave on the Tongue
72 Saliva Turned to Honey
73 Commendation to the Virgin
74 Ave Puts Devil to Flight
75 Nun at Bonn Saved from Devil
76 Saved from Despair
77 Girl Freed from Visits of Devil by Saying the Ave
78 Virgin Appears to Dominicans
79 Blinded by the Virgin's Glory
80 The Virgin's Beauty
81 The Bleeding Child-Christ [Déols; Brabantine blasphemer]
82 Saracens Cannot Deface Mary-Image
83 Arrow Intercepted [Orléans]
84 The Painter and the Devil
85 Fire at Mont St. Michel
86 St. Luke's Portrait of Mary
87 Salve Regina Drives Devils Away
88 Salve Regina Drives Devils Away
89 Child-Christ Displayed Openly
90 Salve Regina Quells Thunderstorm
91 Woman Delivered by Salve Regina
92 Canon Saved by Salve Regina
93 Salve Sancta Parens Said Daily
94 The Priest Who Only Knew One Mass
95 Herolt, De temp. Serm 164 A
96 Herolt, De temp. Serm 164 B
97 Herolt, De temp. Serm 164 C
98 Herolt, De temp. Serm 164 D
99 Herolt, De temp. Serm 164 E
100 Carthusian Makes Roasry