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This screen lists all the miracles in the selected collection, with their conventional titles. Links to online texts are provided where known.
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No: Miracle:
1 Shipwreck: Pilgrim Saved
2 Pilgrim in the Sea
3 Light on Masthead
4 Short Lease of Life Granted to a Clerk
5 Chartres Saved by the Virgin's Shift
6 Alexius in the Mine
7 Wife and Mistress
8 The Drowned Sacristan
9 Monk of St Peter's at Cologne
10 Clerk of Chartres
11 Ebbo the Thief
12 Milk: Tongue and Lips Restored
13 Demon-Swine
14 De monacho cui oranti Beata Virgo apparuit
15 Eulalia
16 Responsorium 'Gaude Maria': canit caecus natus
17 Monachus nomen B.V. tribus coloribus pingit
18 Abbot Elsinus
19 Caesarius Cuts His Hand Off [also told of Pope Leo]
20 Bridegroom: Brother of the King of Hungary
21 Image of Sardenay
22 Blasphemer Struck Dead
23 John of Damascus
24 De puero quem Beata Virgo a demonibus liberavit
25 Saved by Learning Two Words, Ave Maria [knight turned monk; lily grows from mouth]
26 Devil in Service
27 Musa
28 De sancto Bonifatio episcopo cui Beata Virgo Maria duodecim aureos misit
29 Theophilus