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This screen lists all the miracles in the selected collection, with their conventional titles. Links to online texts are provided where known.
Click on the miracle number for further details.  Use your browser's BACK button to return to the list of collections.

No: Miracle:
1 Two Brothers at Rome
2 The Prior of St Saviour's, Pavia
3 Hieronymus Made Bishop of Pavia
4 Stained Corporal
5 Jew of Bourges
6 Milk: Twenty-Three Plants in Flower
7 Nativity of the Virgin (Angel Music Heard)
8 Ave on the Tongue
9 Devil in Three Beast-Shapes
10 Complines
11 Toledo
12 Foot Cut Off
13 Milk: Monk Laid Out as Dead
14 Musa
15 Mother of Mercy
16 Julian the Apostate
17 Theophilus
18 St. Bon and his Vestment/ Robe Given to St. Bon
19 St. Dunstan and the Virgin's Choir
20 Chartres Saved by the Virgin's Shift
21 Milk: Fulbert of Chartres
22 Abbot Elsinus
23 Vision of Wettin
24 St. Odo and the Thief Monk
25 Monk of Evesham
26 Sudden Death/ Sudden Death of a Monk [Burgundy]
27 Love Gained by Black Arts
28 Prayers of a Friend
29 Jew Lends to Christian
30 Rustic Church Enlarged by the Virgin's Order (Bury St. Edmund's)
31 St. Mary of Egypt
32 A Nun's Penance left Uncompleted
33 Mead
34 Wife and Mistress
35 Saracens Cannot Deface Mary-Image
36 Punishment of the Jews
37 The Virgin's Image Insulted [latrine]
38 Roilas and his Host Destroyed
39 Purification
40 The Nun Who Saw the World [Beatrice; B.V. takes nun's place]
41 Abbess Delivered [Pregnant Abbess]