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This screen lists all the miracles in the selected collection, with their conventional titles. Links to online texts are provided where known.
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No: Miracle:
1.1 Theophilus
1.2 Hildefonsus
1.3 Jew of Bourges
1.4 The Virgin's Image Insulted [latrine]
1.5 Priest of One Mass
1.6 Clerk of Chartres
1.7 Devil in Three Beast-Shapes
1.9 Incest
1.10 Deaths of the Rich Man and the Poor Widow
1.11 Abbess Delivered [Pregnant Abbess]
1.12 Ring on the Finger of the Mary-Image
1.13 Boy Devoted to the Devil
1.14 Five Psalms with the Initials MARIA
1.15 Monk of St Peter's at Cologne
1.16 Pilgrim of St. James
1.17 Mouth of Hell Shown to Nun
1.19 Will Taken for Deed
1.20 Eulalia
1.21 Ebbo the Thief
1.22 Book of Isaiah
1.23 Saracen and Mary Image
1.24 Wife and Mistress
1.25 Arrow Intercepted [Orléans]
1.26 Light on the Masthead
1.27 St. Bon and his Vestment/ Robe Given to St. Bon
1.28 Absolved by a Dead Priest
1.29 Devil in Service
1.30 Excommunicate Buried with Honour
1.31 Milk: Tongue and Lips Restored
1.32 A Hundred Aves a Day
1.33 The Drowned Sacristan
1.34 The Nun Who Saw the World [Beatrice; B.V. takes nun's place]
1.35 Relics of St. Leocadia
2.1 Chaste Empress
2.2 Julian the Apostate
2.3 Siege of Constantinople [mantle as shield]
2.4 Chorister Killed by Jews
2.5 De aurifice caeco illuminato Atrebati (Laon)
2.6 De liberatione clericorum Sanctae Mariae in mari a piratis (Laon)
2.7 De puella infirma curata apud Christikercam (Laon)
2.8 De incredibili vindicta Dei ibidem facta (Laon)
2.9 Jew Lends to Christian
2.10 Two Brothers at Rome
2.11 The Rustic Who Removed Landmarks
2.12 A piece of wax which fell onto a lute (Rocamadour)
2.13 A boy from Soissons carried to heaven in a vision (Soissons)
2.14 A foolhardy cowherd avenged (Soissons)
2.15 A woman whose nose was restored (Soissons)
2.16 A man healed of an illness in his feet (Soissons)
2.17 Mother-in-law and Son-in-law
2.18 Maid of Arras
2.19 Pilgrim in the Sea
2.20 Clerk of Pisa
2.21 Sardenay
2.23 Saturday