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This screen lists all the miracles in the selected collection, with their conventional titles. Links to online texts are provided where known.
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No: Miracle:
7.81.1 Columns Raised by Three Schoolboys
7.81.2 Toledo
7.82 Jew Lends to Christian
7.83 Arrow Intercepted [Orléans]
7.84 Milk: Tongue and Lips Restored
7.85 Childbirth in the Sea
7.86 Abbess Delivered [Pregnant Abbess]
7.87 Ring on the Finger of the Mary-Image
7.88 Pilgrim in the Sea
7.89.1 Light on the Masthead
7.89.2 Thread Glued to Lip
7.90 The Chaste Empress
7.91 The Chaste Empress
7.92 The Chaste Empress
7.93 Incest Between Mother and Son
7.94 Incest Between Mother and Son
7.95 Incest Between Mother and Son
7.96 Deaths of the Rich Man and the Poor Widow
7.97 St. Bon and his Vestment/ Robe Given to St. Bon
7.98 Poor Man Strikes Stone
7.99.1 Jewess Helped in Childbirth
7.99.2 Bread Offered to the Christ-Child
7.100 Wife and Mistress
7.101 Devil in Service
7.102 Girl Named Mary
7.103 Girl Named Mary
7.104.1 The Painter and the Devil
7.104.2 Blasphemer Struck Dead
7.105 Christ Denied, but not the Virgin
7.106 Christ Denied, but not the Virgin
7.107 Monks at their Field-Work
7.108 The Virgin's Syrup
7.109 Delivered from a Persecutor [a Cistercian monk delivered...]
7.110.1 The Bleeding Child-Christ [Déols; Brabantine blasphemer]
7.110.2 Saracens Cannot Deface Mary-Image
7.111 Vision Seen by a Jew in England
7.112 Demon-Swine
7.113.1 Virgin appears to Dying Man
7.113.2 St. Dunstan and the Virgin's Choir
7.114 Vision of St. Hugh of Cluny
7.115 The Boy Devoted to the Devil
7.116.1 Ebbo the Thief
7.116.2 Five Psalms with the Initials MARIA
7.117 Woman Revived for Confession [diocese of Langres, in Limousin, or Lincoln]
7.118 Little Devil in Church [at Toledo]
7.119.1 Nativity of the Virgin (Angel Music Heard)
7.119.2 Saracen and Mary Image
7.119.3 The Virgin's Image Insulted [latrine]
7.120 Hildefonsus
17.105 John of Damascus
21.69 Theophilus
21.70 Theophilus
21.78 Jewish Boy: Covered with her Cloak
23.147 Constantinople Saved
24.46 Chartres Saved by the Virgin's Shift
25.90 Mother-in-law and Son-in-law
27.2 De ordine initiali miraculorum (Soissons)
27.3 A woman whose nose was restored (Soissons)
27.4.1 A boy from Soissons carried to heaven in a vision (Soissons)
27.4.2 A woman who discharged stones (Soissons)
27.10 Ploughing on the Magdalen's Day
29.4.1 A great storm at sea (Rocamadour)
29.4.2 A woman who went into labour every day (Rocamadour)
29.4.3 A boy revived and a killer punished (Rocamadour)
29.5.1 The miraculous voyage of some sailors (Rocamadour)
29.5.2 A lame knight who had blasphemed against the church of Rocamadour (Rocamadour)
29.6 Judas Iscariot in Hell
29.7 Judas Iscariot in Hell
29.8 Judas Iscariot in Hell
29.9 Judas Iscariot in Hell
29.10 Judas Iscariot in Hell
29.16 A woman who was afflicted by many blows (Rocamadour)
29.17 A disaster in the East (Rocamadour)
29.42 The Bleeding Child-Christ [Déols; Brabantine blasphemer]