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Each entry currently shows the incipit and number assigned to the miracle by Poncelet.

Below the main entry is a list of the Latin texts identified by Poncelet as versions of the same narrative. Further lists of related narratives are accessible from the Key number line (linking to the Poncelet entry for the miracle of which this and other texts are listed as variants) and the Similes line indicating texts of similar content.

In these lists, click on the title of any miracle or collection for fuller information. (This will take you into the main Cantigas de Santa Maria database.)

Number: 44
Incipit: Alio autem tempore in eodem vico manebat quidam plebeiae
Similes: 787 - In episcopatu Carnotensi ancilla cuiusdam militis cum ipso
Miracle Collection
Wife and Mistress Thott
(Copenhagen, Royal Library, MS Thott 128)
Wife and Mistress Vincent de Beauvais
Wife and Mistress BL Mariale 3
(London, BL, Additional MS 35112, ff. 21-80; 90-94)
Wife and Mistress Lisbon Mariale
(Lisbon, B.N., MS Alcobacense 149)
Wife and Mistress Gautier de Coinci
Wife and Mistress Adgar
(London, BL, Egerton 612)
Wife and Mistress BL Mariale 2
(London, BL, Arundel 346, ff. 60-73)
Wife and Mistress Mariale Magnum
(Paris Bibliothèque Nationale lat 3177)
Wife and Mistress Miraculorum B. Mariae. libri III
(Reims 1400)
Wife and Mistress BL Mariale 5
(London, BL, Additional MS 15723, Collection 2, ff. 70-92)
Wife and Mistress Jean Gobi
Wife and Mistress Bartholomew of Trent
(University of Bologna, Codice 1794)
Wife and Mistress Jean Mielot, Miracles de Nostre Dame
(Oxford, Bodleian, Douce MS 374)
Wife and Mistress Johannes Herolt
Wife and Mistress Cornell Mariale
(Cornell, MS B.14)
Wife and Mistress Anglo-Norman Miracles of the Virgin
(London, BL, Royal 20 B XIV, fols 102v-169)
Wife and Mistress Paris Mariale 1
(Paris Bibliothèque Nationale 14463)
The Wife and the Mistress Walter of Cluny