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This screen provides the location and incipit of the selected miracle story. Poncelet numbers are given for Latin miracles, and Poncelet Key numbers for vernacular miracles. Vernacular miracles without a Latin analogue have been assigned key numbers from 2000 onwards, to provide links to other versions of the same story.  Use your browser's BACK button to return to the list of miracles.

Miracle data
Source name: Cornell Mariale
Short title: Milk: Tongue and Lips Restored
Reference numbers: no.12
Rubric/Title in source: De clerico cui Beata Virgo proprio lacte labia et linguam perunxit
Incipit: Fuit in quadam ecclesia clericus quidam decanus homo sanctus et sapiens
Notes: This very popular miracle is found in a number of forms, of which the principle feature is the healing of the diseased lips and tongue of a cleric by the Virgin’s milk. The simplest version (a) is that in the text; sometimes (b) the cleric is so ill that in his frenzy he bites off his lips and tongue; sometimes (c) he is apparently dead and laid out on a bier; sometimes (d) he has a cancer of the lips and sees a vision of flowers symbolizing the Psalms, the Virgin later appears and heals him with her milk, he dies presently a happy death (Adgar). CSM=c version of legend (Crane, 254)
Summary: A cleric devoted to the Virgin falls ill and suffers from a fissure in his lips and tongue. The Virgin anoints them with milk from her breast and restores the cleric to health. (254)