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This screen provides the location and incipit of the selected miracle story. Poncelet numbers are given for Latin miracles, and Poncelet Key numbers for vernacular miracles. Vernacular miracles without a Latin analogue have been assigned key numbers from 2000 onwards, to provide links to other versions of the same story.  Use your browser's BACK button to return to the list of miracles.

Miracle data
Source name: Cornell Mariale
Short title: Devil in Service
Poncelet Key: 380 - Dum quidam dives magnus peccator esset et tamen cotidie
Reference numbers: no.26
Rubric/Title in source: De milite quem Beata Virgo a demone liberavit
Incipit: Quidam miles quoddam in via communi habebat castrum et omnes transeuntes sine miseratione aliqua spoliabat
Notes: There are two main versions of this story. In one, the knight is an upright, charitable man, in the other, a robber and a rogue. In the CSM (Poem 67) he is good and devout.
Summary: A knight who is devoted to the Virgin and salutes her daily, robs travellers who pass his castle on the highway. He has in his service a valet who fails to appear when a priest robbed by the band asks to be sent to their leader and requests him to collect all his servants and the people of the castle in order that he may preach to them. The valet finally appears and acts like a demoniac. On the priest’s adjuration he confesses that he is a demon who assumed the form of a man and served the knight for fourteen years in the hope that some day his master would omit his salutation to the Virgin and he would have the power to kill him. The demon disappears and the knight changes his life. (271)