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This screen provides the location and incipit of the selected miracle story. Poncelet numbers are given for Latin miracles, and Poncelet Key numbers for vernacular miracles. Vernacular miracles without a Latin analogue have been assigned key numbers from 2000 onwards, to provide links to other versions of the same story.  Use your browser's BACK button to return to the list of miracles.

Miracle data
Source name: Jean le Marchant
Short title: De Gondree et comment Notre Dame se apela dame de Chartres
Poncelet Key: 294 - Cum quaedam mulier habens in naso et labiis ignem sacrum
Reference numbers: no.1
Rubric/Title in source: De Gondree et comment Notre Dame se apela dame de Chartres
Incipit: A l'entree de ma matire / Premierement vous vodroy dire
Notes: Miracles of Chartres (Latin): 18 See Cantiga 81 Jean le Marchant, Miracles de Notre-Dame de Chartres Edition du MS Chartres 1027 par Pierre Kunstmann [http://www.uottawa.ca/academic/arts/lfa/activites/textes/chartres/chpres.html#duplessis] French verse collection of miracles performed by the Virgin of Chartres. The work was composed, probably between 1252 and 1262, by Jean le Marchant, canon of Péronne, at the request of Matthieu des Champs, Bishop of Chartres. Jean le Marchant 1=Hugo Farsitus 7 (but former is set at Chartres, not Soissons)