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This screen provides the location and incipit of the selected miracle story. Poncelet numbers are given for Latin miracles, and Poncelet Key numbers for vernacular miracles. Vernacular miracles without a Latin analogue have been assigned key numbers from 2000 onwards, to provide links to other versions of the same story.  Use your browser's BACK button to return to the list of miracles.

Miracle data
Source name: Gautier de Coinci
Short title: Theophilus
Poncelet Key: 74 - Anno Dñi 553 (al. 536, al. 538) Theophilus in quadam urbe
Reference numbers: book1 no1
Rubric/Title in source: Comment Theophilus vint a penitance
Incipit: Pour chaus esbatre et deporter / Qui se deportent en porter
Notes: Koenig: I Miracle 10 Ducrot-Granderye: 11 2092 lines Koenig=Gautier de Coinci, Les Miracles de Nostre Dame, V. Frederic Koenig, ed., 4 vols., Geneva, 1955-70. Ducrot-Granderye=Arlette P. Ducrot-Granderye, Etudes sur les miracles Nostre Dames de Gautier de Coinci, Ann. Acad. Scient. Fenn., B-XXV (1932). Book 1 begins with a prologue: Rubric: Ci commence li prologues seur les myracles Nostre Dame que Gautier, prieus de Vi, mines de Saint Mart, translata Incipit: A la loenge et a la gloire, / En ramembrance et en memoire 330 lines Next follow 7 songs preceded by a prologue: Bk, 1, Prologue (Chansons): No Rubric Incipit: Ainz qu’ovrir welle le grant livre / qui mout me done et mout me livre Song 1: Amors, qui seit bien enchanter Song 2: Qui que face rotruenge novele Song 3: Roïne celestre, / Buer fuisses tu nee Song 4: Talens m’est pris orendroit Song 5: Esforcier m’estuet ma voiz Song 6: Quant ces floretes florir voi Song 7: Pour conforter mon cuer et mon coraige