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    The Centre for the Study of the Cantigas de Santa Maria of Oxford University was created in 2005. It currently hosts two linked research projects: the Cantigas de Santa Maria database and the new Cantigas de Santa Maria critical edition.

    The Cantigas de Santa Maria database is designed to give access to a vast range of information relevant to the processes of collection, composition and compilation of the Cantigas de Santa Maria. It will provide the critical material for a new edition of the Cantigas de Santa Maria, which will be published both in printed and electronic form. The database is under continual development.

    The database incorporates a fully searchable electronic version of Poncelet’s 'Index miraculorum B.V. Mariae quae saec. VI-XV latine conscripta sunt', and exhaustive listings of the contents of Latin and vernacular collections of Marian miracles.

    The database was initially developed with the support of the Leverhulme Trust (project grant F/08 736/B, Collection, Composition and Compilation in the Cantigas de Santa Maria). Continued work in the Centre was supported by the Research Development Fund of Oxford University, the Modern Humanities Research Association, and the British Academy (Small Grant SG-46903). 

    As a pilot for the new critical edition, supported by British Academy Research Development Award BR100062, Alfonso X's Cantigas de Santa Maria, an anthology of 50 cantigas has been prepared.  These texts and other sample texts from the CSM Critical Edition project are available online from our pdf archive or by direct links in the Poems section of the database.

    The Centre is not able to supply images from the Cantigas manuscripts or to authorise reproduction of images, though it is happy to advise on the location of particular images. All requests for reproductions or reproduction rights should be directed to the Library which owns the relevant manuscript. Requests for reproductions of images from the códice rico or the códice de los músicos should be made to the Patrimonio Nacional or the Escorial Library. Images of the Toledo MS are now freely available at the BNE website.

    HERE to enter the Cantigas de Santa Maria database. Please send any comments, suggestions, or corrections to the project team.