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Author: Montoya Martínez, Jesús
Title: El frustrado cerco de Marrakech
Date: 1981
Publication details: Cuadernos de estudios medievales 8/9 (1980-81), 183-92; rpt in J. Montoya Martínez, Composición, estructura y contenido del cancionero marial de Alfonso X (Murcia: Real Acad. Alfonso X el Sabio, 1999), 297-310.
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Commentary: Snow 2007rn"On CSM 181. Alfonso has this one (plus nos. 185 and 329) in which Mary comes to the aid of Moors or in which Moors show deep respect for Mary. Identifies "Marrakech" as a city under siege in Morocco and not the country itself (as it is in Mettmann's glossary [1972]), and describes the historical event at the heart of this cantiga. We have as textual apparatus Mettmann's text and the author's Spanish translation and textual notes."
Associated Poems: 181 - The Banner of the Virgin Defeats the Moors at Marrakesh
185 - The Statue that Defended a Castle
329 - The Moor who Stole Coins from the Virgin’s Altar
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