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The Search facility is still under development. It will accept text in Galician in the Incipit, Refrain, and Epigraph fields, and text in English in the Summary, and Miniature Summary fields. Use the menu boxes to select Keywords, Places and People.

Poems will be found which match all the search elements, unless you select OR in the Logical operator box, to allow the search to find poems meeting ANY ONE of the requirements.

Entries in the People and Places fields must be selected from the scrollable list, and will find all people and places mentioned in the poem (and not just the Setting and Protagonists entries in Poem Data).

Searching the Epigraph field will access the epigraphs in all witnesses of a poem (currently found in the MS/Layout table.

The Metrical Data search field is currently inactive.

Checking the Save this Search box will retain the most recent search parameters during your current session.

(last updated 10.2.08)

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Logical operator:
Refrain contains: ç ã ĩ õ ũ á é í ó ú
Incipit contains: ç ã ĩ õ ũ á é í ó ú
Epigraph contains: ç ã ĩ õ ũ á é í ó ú
Titles contain:
Summary contains:
Miniature summary contains:
Witness in MS
Metrical scheme contains
Keyword/ phrase:
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