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Author: Guridi, Jesús
Title: Cantigas armonizadas y adaptadas al órgano por Jesús Guridi
Date: 1997
Publication details: in Alfonso X el Sabio, impulsor del arte, la cultura y el humanismo (Col. El Arpa 'Opera Omnia', Madrid: ARLU, 1997), 351-367.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "We have here CSM 28, 65, 109, and 200 presented in the following way: a black and white photo of the alfonsine cantiga followed by Higinio Anglés' musical transcription, and the author's (an organist) own transcription which gives a harmonic vision to the monodic character of the original (in contrast to the transcriptions of M. R. Calvo-Manzano, see above)."
Associated Poems: 28 - The Siege of Constantinople
65 - The Excommunicate who Won Absolution
109 - The Possessed Man who was Exorcised at Salas
200 - Cantiga de loor
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