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Author: Pedrell, Felipe
Title: Cancionero musical popular español
Date: 1920
Publication details: vol. III (Barcelona: Editorial Valls, 1920?), pp. 1-6 [musical examples]. 2nd ed. (Barcelona: Casa Ed. de Música Boileau, n.d.), pp. 1-2 [text], 1-6 [musical examples].
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 102: "P. adds to those he published in 1918 the music and partial texts of two loores (CSM 200 and 230) and two miragres (CSM 61 and 65). A harmonized version of the last of these is called a "fifth" cantiga."
Associated Poems: 61 - The Man who Scorned the Virgin’s Slipper
65 - The Excommunicate who Won Absolution
200 - Cantiga de loor
230 - Cantiga de loor
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