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Author: Aguilera Bernabe, Antonio
Title: Cantigas de Alfonso X, página histórica
Date: 1942
Publication details: Murcia: Imprenta Provincial, 1942. 63 pp. Pieza dramática estrenada por la compañía Cecilio Pineda en el teatro Romeo de Murcia el 8 de junio de 1941. BNM T/33608
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Commentary: Snow 2007 "With a prologue and 3 acts, a drama of Alfonso's final years and the rebellion of his son, Sancho. Parts of three CSM (in Castilian translation) are incorporated into Act II (10,??, and ??) and, in act III, 360 and a reprise of 10 (both times it is Alfonso who intones the refrain of CSM 10, the last time it is on his deathbead, his final words)."
Associated Poems: 10 - Cantiga de loor
360 - Cantiga de loor
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