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Author: Costa Pimpão, Álvaro J. da
Title: História da literatura portuguesa, I: Idade Média
Date: 1947
Publication details: Coimbra: Atlântida, 1947, 90-2, 163-77; 2nd ed., 1959, 71-2, 133-45.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 208: "Pages 71-2 (ed. of 1959) advance the notion that Alfonso takes Pero da Ponte to task in CV 70 for not singing the praises of Mary. This is a new and appealing view in a continuing debate on the meaning of this poem's critical assessment of da Ponte. A longer section, pp. 133-45, contains a general summary which is also noteworthy for some original thinking about such Alfonsine matters as Maria Balteira, the use of Galician-Portuguese for the CSM, and the possibility of an earlier flowering of religious lyric in that idiom. The author praises cantiga 330 as one of the finest of all the early lyric songs."
Associated Poems: 330 - Cantiga de loor
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