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Author: Filgueira Valverde, José
Title: Aucto ’De como Santa Maria foi levada aos ceos pra a festa de Nosa Señora de Agosto’ refeito con testos galegos dos séculos XIII e XIV
Date: 1968
Publication details: Grial 25 (1968), 325-40.
Snow ID: 322
Commentary: Snow 1977: "The aucto referred to was produced in 1966 and in it are artfully intertwined a prose text from the fourteenth century Miragres de Santiago and sections of CSM 419 and 420. The common theme is the Virgin's Assumption. An acting version, in Galician, is printed here."
Associated Poems: 419 - The Vigil of the Feast of the Assumption (14 August)
420 - Processional for the Feast of the Assumption (15 August)
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