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View MSS data - Vista da información dos MSS.
This page gives codicological and paleographical information on each individual manuscript witness of a poem.
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Esta páxina dá información codicolóxica e paleográfica de cada un dos testemuños manuscritos dunha cantiga.
Viewing witness T175
Poem data: Stanza: 15' 15' 15' 15' Refrain: 15' 15' No. of Stanzas: 18
Whole pages: Yes No. of pages: 0
Lines of epigraph: 4 No. of Staves: 25
Text underlaid: R+1+R+2+R Running text: 16+16
Total lines: 0 Page division (rubric+staves+text): 104+160
Refs lost: Text columns: 2
Pages of miniature: 2 Layout type: Q
Start: f. 232r a Min 1: f. 233v
Finish: f. 233r b Min 2: f. 234r
Quire no.: Quire Structure:
Layout comments: stanzas broken over page and col
Epigraph: Dun ome bõo que ia con seu fillo en romaria a Santiago e enforcaron-ll’ a torto o fillo en Tolosa e Santa Maria deu-llo vivo.