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Author: Madrigal, José Antonio
Title: El ’omee mui feo’: ¿primera aparición de la figura del salvaje en la iconografía española?
Date: 1980
Publication details: Medieval, Renaissance and Folklore Studies in Honor of John Esten Keller, ed. J. R. Jones (Newark, Delaware: Juan de la Cuesta Press, 1980), 67-76.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "The 'ome mui feo' described and depicted is CSM 47 is set within a long classical and vernacular tradition of demons/wild men representing man's baser nature. Whether his function in the poem and the miniature is meant merely to inspire terror or more completely to fulfil a symbolic or theological role is a question asked but not resolved."
Associated Poems: 47 - The Devil who Appeared in the Shape of Three Beasts
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