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Author: Keller, John Esten
Title: Cantiga 135: The Blessed Virgin as Matchmaker
Date: 1983
Publication details: in Florilegium Hispanicum: Medieval and Golden Age Studies Presented to Dorothy C. Clarke (Madison: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1983), 103-18; rpt in Collectanea Hispanica: Folklore and Brief Narrative Studies by John Esten Keller, ed. D.P. Seniff (Newark, DE: Juan de la Cuesta, 1987), 188-204.
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Commentary: Snow 2007rn"Explores in some detail the 12 miniature panels of CSM 135.rnThis is a rare instance in which Mary facilitates love-making. Mary is mentioned in the text but is conspicuously absent in the miniatures. K. rightly argues that the artwork can — when seen in conjunction with the poetic text — help us better to understand the bare bones of the narrative. Another interesting suggestion here is that there may be a prose romance in the source history of CSM 135, as was surely true of CSM 15."
Associated Poems: 15 - The Death of Julian the Apostate
135 - The Marriage Ordained by the Virgin
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