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Author: Sainz de la Maza, Carlos
Title: Los judíos de Berceo y los de Alfonso X en la España de ’las tres religiones’
Date: 1987
Publication details: in Arcadia: Estudios y textos dedicados a Francisco López Estrada (Dicenda 6 [Univ. Complutense, Madrid, 1987]), 209-15.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "A follow-up to Hatton-Mackay (1983) which illuminates the different-seeming treatment of Jews by the two authors. An analysis of the contexts and circumstances of Berceo and Alfonso (the examples for comparison are CSM 4 and Milagros 16) shows varying purposes, usages of language levels for comunicating to distinct audiences, and performance modes. The harsher of the two, Berceo, doubtless does reflect better the social reality of Jews living among Christians, while Alfonso reflects a milder case of anti-semitism owing to his long-standing court association with Jews."
Associated Poems: 4 - The Murdered Jewish Boy
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