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Author: Aita, Nella
Title: O códice florentino de Cantigas de Affonso, o Sábio
Date: 1921
Publication details: Revista de Língua Portuguesa 13 (1921), 187-200. Additional publ. details from Snow 1977: Revista de Língua Portuguesa, no. 13 (1921), 187-200; no. 14 (1921), 105-28; no. 15 (1922), 169-76; no. 16 (1922), 181-8; no. 18 (1922), 153-60. Later published as a monograph, with the same title (Rio de Janeiro: Revista de Língua Portuguesa, 1922). 91 pp.
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Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977, no. 103 "A.'s long 5 part article is her thesis, Florence, 1919. It complements Solalinde's work on the same MS (1918). There are a few inconsistencies in the listing of loores (p. 189, n. 10, and again on p. 193), but these minor infractions are overshadowed by the very real accomplishment of A.'s case - based on a re ordering of the Florence MS's jumbled folios - for this MS's kinship to its paleographic twin, Escurial MS T.j.1. She comes close to establishing F as the copy once possessed by Lucas Cortés and seen by Zúñiga (1677). The miniatures of cantigas 228, 292, and 278 (F 88, 10, and 74), the technical aspects of the illumination, and the metrical variety of F are taken up in the article's second part, which ends with an Italian translation of strophe 3 of F 86 (Mettmann's 409). Parts 3, 4, and 5 present variants for 53 cantigas (not noted by Valmar [1889] but incorporated into Mettmann's ed. [1959])."
Associated Poems: 228 - The Mule that Suffered from Gout
278 - The Blind Pilgrim to Santiago who was Healed at Vilasirga
292 - Master Jorge and the King’s Ring
409 - Cantiga de loor
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