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Author: Ward, Mary
Title: Alfonso the Wise, King of Castille
Date: 1872
Publication details: Macmillans Magazine, XXVI (1872), 126-36. Also in Littell's Living Age (Boston), Fourth Series, CXIV (1872), 51-9.rn
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 32: "The choice of Galician Portuguese represents a personal link between Alfonso and the hearer of these songs which the author claims were sung over Alfonso's grave in Toledo for hundreds of years. A narrative genius saves them from severe awkwardness and cantiga 94 is given as an example of "fresh simplicity". An English version of the mayas (CSM 406) is provided. The Querellas are given as Alfonsine. There is an attempt at evaluation of Alfonso's literary talent."
Associated Poems: 94 - The Nun who Ran Away with a Knight
406 - Cantiga de loor
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