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Author: Uriarte, P. Eustaquio de
Title: Tratado teórico práctico de Canto Gregoriano según la verdadera tradición
Date: 1890
Publication details: Madrid: Imprenta de D. Luis Aguado, 1890.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "Chapter X (pp. 159-71) reflects on the alfonsine compositions. CSM 60 (there is a transcription) shows parallels and analogies with the liturgical "Ave regina coelorum." CSM 6l also shows the influence of liturgical music, while CSM 65, of the three analyzed, is least dependent on such models — to the point of sounding very akin to northern mountain melodies. The CSM were little known in Uriarte's day, and some of his conclusions may be considered as first steps towards more sweeping ones reached by others, especially Anglés (1953)."
Associated Poems: 60 - Cantiga de loor
61 - The Man who Scorned the Virgin’s Slipper
65 - The Excommunicate who Won Absolution
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