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Author: Anon
Title: Extractos de las Cantigas de Santa Maria en lengua castellana
Date: 1899
Publication details: Dating approximate.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 62: "A strange volume, without date or name of editor (attributed to Valmar by J. Montoya Martínez, 1986 vol., p. 186). The extracts are divided into groups and numbered according to MS J.b.2. For example, group I is "Leyendas curiosas, algunas de indole especial" and contains a prose summary of cantiga 4, among others. The final group is the loores, of which only the merest indication is given, as extracts of lyrics are very difficult to produce. Poem 400 ends this volume abruptly. Pages are printed on the recto side only. The book seems to date from the latter part of the nineteenth century. This copy (possibly unique), which once belonged to Pascual de Gayangos, is in the BN of Madrid and carries the shelf mark: 1/18470."
Associated Poems: 4 - The Murdered Jewish Boy
400 - Cantiga de loor
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