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Author: Burt, John R.
Title: Courtly Love as Ritual in Early Medieval Spanish Poetry
Date: 1973
Publication details: unpubl. diss., Univ. of Minnesota, 1973. 224 pp. An abstract appears in Dissertation Abstracts International 34 (1973-1974), 719A.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "In ch. 6 of the diss. (pp. 116-45), Burt argues that the "courtly" code of love service is not adopted in the CSM, since one of its constituent elements — sensual ritual — is missing. While one cannot argue that this is not true (in speaking of the relationship of the poet-persona and the Virgin), B.'s study seems to miss the point: in the CSM, amor mixtus is initially rejected; however, it is still the language of troubadour poetry which is used to define the amor purus that characterizes the quest for salvation. The fact that the same vocabulary, images and conceits can express two such opposed — religious and profane — poetic traditions, actually emphasizes the underlying interdependence of the two extremes of love while, at the same time, stresses the differences of quality. Cantigas commented on here include nos. 8, 16, 64, 130, 312, 400, and 401."
Associated Poems: 8 - The Minstrel of Rocamadour
16 - The Knight who Said Two Hundred ‘Aves’ a Day
64 - The Woman who could not Remove her Slipper
130 - Cantiga de loor
312 - The Impotent Knight
400 - Cantiga de loor
401 - Petiçon
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