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Author: Martins, Mário
Title: Das Cantigas de Santa Maria ao Flos Sanctorum em português, de 1513
Date: 1978
Publication details: Didaskalia 8 (1978), 175-85. Reprinted in Estudos de cultura medieval (Lisbon: Brotéria, 1983), vol. III, pp. 51-64
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "The popular tale of the Emperor's wife (retold in CSM 5) is the centerpiece of this study. A 1513 version, like Alfonso's, calls the Empress Beatriz, but there are a great number of divergences which make a direct filiation hard to prove. M. does believe that the Beatriz is likely not a tribute to Alfonso's mother (in CSM 5), but rather a pointer tto Beatriz of Borgoña, a relative of Alfonso's and wife to the Emperor Frederick Barbarossa."
Associated Poems: 5 - The Chaste Empress
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