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This screen provides the location and incipit of the selected miracle story. Poncelet numbers are given for Latin miracles, and Poncelet Key numbers for vernacular miracles. Vernacular miracles without a Latin analogue have been assigned key numbers from 2000 onwards, to provide links to other versions of the same story.  Use your browser's BACK button to return to the list of miracles.

Miracle data
Source name: Gil de Zamora
Short title: Christ-Child Seized as Pledge
Poncelet Number: 1295 - Quaedam mulier, solatio viri sui destituta, unicum filium
Reference numbers: trac.7 chap.14 no.10
Foliation in source: f. 65r-65v
Incipit: Item quedam mulier, solatio viri sui destituta, unicum filium habebat, quem tenerrime diligebat.
Notes: Fita 57