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Author: Flores, Camilo
Title: As técnicas literarias na obra de Afonso o Sábio
Date: 1980
Publication details: Grial, no. 70 (Oct.-Dec. 1980), 385-99.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "A defense of the proposition that Alfonso was a great poet because he was better at manipulating arstistically a large arsenal of traditional techniques. Examples come from all his poetry (CBN 412, CSM 5, 17). Although the claims could have been more systematically illustrated, the truly arresting idea here deals with the kinds of verse in the alfonsine canon. There is the romanesque, in which the lines of verse carefully calibrate the thought of the poet and where traditional forms and poetic valued are asserted, and the gothic, in which we find the brilliant run-on lines, with thoughts overflowing the confines of standard verse norms, forcing magistral adaptations of the traditional forms. [In Galician]"
Associated Poems: 5 - The Chaste Empress
17 - The Woman who Committed Incest with her Son
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