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Author: Scarborough, Connie, L.
Title: The Virgin as Midwife: Verbalization and Visualization in Alfonso X’s Cantigas de Santa Maria
Date: 1982
Publication details: Michigan Academician 15 (1982-83), 137-44.
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Commentary: Snow 2007rn"Two rather full discussions of CSM 7 and 86, miracle accounts in which Mary plays the role of midwife to her faithful. Both of the MS T.I.1 pages of illuminations are given. The actual depiction follows but does not always coincide with the verbal narration, often adding homely details. CSM 55, 89, and 184 also show Mary's midwifing talent, but are here mentioned only in passing."
Associated Poems: 7 - The Pregnant Abbess
55 - The Nun who Left the Convent
86 - Childbirth under the Sea
89 - The Jewish Woman who was Helped in Childbirth
184 - The Baby who was Born through a Wound in his Mother’s Side
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