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CSM Number : 7
Short name: The Pregnant Abbess Alternative: Abbess Delivered [Pregnant Abbess]
Incipit: Santa Maria amar
Refrain: Santa Maria amar/ devemos muit’ e rogar/ que a sa graça ponna/ sobre nos por que errar/ non nos faça nen pecar/ o demo sen vergonna.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: unspecified Protagonist(s): an abbess

An abbess became pregnant by her steward.

The nuns in her charge discovered her indiscretion and were vindictive.

They accused the abbess to their bishop, who travelled from Cologne.

He summoned her.

After meeting with the bishop, the abbess prayed to the Virgin. Mary appeared to her, as if in a dream, and had the baby delivered and sent to Soissons to be raised.

The abbess appeared before the bishop and he made her undress. He declared her innocent and berated the nuns.

Metrical data
Stanza: 7 7 6' 7 7 6' 7 7 6' 7 7 6' Refrain: 7 7 6' 7 7 6'
No. of Stanzas: 4
Rhyme scheme: AABAAB |ccdccdaabaab Zejel:
MS locations:
T7, E7, To6
Poncelet reference
Abbatissa fuit, flos claustri, forma sororum, Iustitiae (4)
abbess, apparition, bishop, caesarean, childbirth, nun, children, pregnancy, steward, hermit
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Miracle Collection
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