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Author: Huseby, Gerardo Víctor
Title: Musical Analysis and Poetic Structure in the Cantigas de Santa Maria
Date: 1983
Publication details: in Florilegium Hispanicum: Medieval and Golden Age Studies Presented to Dorothy C. Clarke, ed. John S. Geary et al (Madison, Wisconsin: Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies, 1983), 81-101.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "Sets out to demonstrate that musical analysis sheds light on the problem of verse length in the CSM. Is end-rhyme the sole determinant of verse length and strophic structure? Are lines longer with internal rhyme at the caesura? H. reviews previous positions — Valmar [1889], Ribera [1922], Anglés and Spanke [1958], Collet and Villalba [1911], and others — and contends, on reflection, that verse and musical phrase coincide in the CSM. He shows it using CSM 353, with its representative virelai pattern, of which there are a further 294 similar verse/music patterns of correspondence in the CSM. additionally, there are 88 more which, when arranged to make the text reflect the musical structure, show a close relationship with the virelai pattern (for example, CSM 49, 56, and 9). Musical evidence shows the CSM to be far more extensively virelai oriented than supposed heretofore. These results should caution literary historians who work without taking into account the musical contributions to the CSM.rnGenerous appendices carefully list which of the CSM Huseby is grouping together, and also classified them by types (including variants) of virelai, by caesura and internal rhymes."
Associated Poems: 9 - The Icon of Sardonay
49 - The Lost Pilgrims who were Led to Soissons
56 - The Monk who Recited Five Psalms Daily
353 - The Boy who Offered Food to the Christ Child
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