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CSM Number : 49
Short name: The Lost Pilgrims who were Led to Soissons Alternative: Some pilgrims guided on their way by Holy Mary (Soissons)
Incipit: Ben com’ aos que van per mar
Refrain: Ben com’ aos que van per mar/ a estrela guia/ outrossi aos seus guiar/ vai Santa Maria.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: Soissons Protagonist(s): pilgrims to Soissons

Some pilgrims got lost in the mountains and darkness overtook them.

Fearing thieves, they prayed to the Virgin.

The pilgrims also asked forgiveness for their sins.

They saw a bright light and, within it, a beautiful woman holding a sceptre.

The maiden, surrounded by light, made the mountains glow.

She then led the pilgrims to Soissons.

Metrical data
Stanza: 8 6' 8 6' 8 5' 8 5' Refrain: 8 5' 8 5'
No. of Stanzas: 7
Rhyme scheme: ABAB | cdcdcdcb Zejel: Yes
MS locations:
T49, E49, To63
Poncelet reference
Cum enim concursus populorum fieret ut irent Suessionem (267)
apparition, light (celestial), loss (of way), pilgrimage, thief/ thieves
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Miracle Collection
Some pilgrims guided on their way by Holy Mary (Soissons) Thott
(Copenhagen, Royal Library, MS Thott 128)
Some pilgrims guided on their way by Holy Mary (Soissons) Hugo Farsitus
Some pilgrims guided on their way by Holy Mary (Soissons) Gil de Zamora
(Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, MS 9503)
Some pilgrims guided on their way by Holy Mary (Soissons) Lisbon Mariale
(Lisbon, B.N., MS Alcobacense 149)
Imágenes de la Virgen en los códices medievales de España
Delclaux, Federico
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