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Author: Billiet, Frédéric
Title: Gautier de Coinci est-il un compositeur?
Date: 2006
Publication details: in Kathy M. Krause and Alison Stones, Gautier de Coinci: Miracles, Music, and Manuscripts )Turnhout: Brepols, 2006) pp. 127-47
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Commentary: Notes common melodic content to CSM and Gautier de Coinci (themselves contrafactions), generally following Chailley. CSM 83 and 108 are compared to Esforciet m'estuet ma voix, 77 and 81 to Mere Dieu, vierge senee; 73 and FSM4 to Pour conforter mon cuer et mon coraige.
Associated Poems: 73 - The Stained Chasuble
77 - The Contorted Woman of Lugo
81 - The Woman whose Face was Healed
83 - The Prisoner who was Freed from the Moors
108 - Merlin and the Jew
414 - The Virginity of Mary
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