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Author: Rey, Agapito
Title: Correspondence of the Spanish Miracles of the Virgin
Date: 1928
Publication details: Romanic Review. 19 (1928), 151-53.
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Commentary: Notes from Snow 1977, no. 135: "A supplement to the listing in Crane (1925). Rey adds to the lists, for comparison of contents, the collection by Alfonso's contemporary (Gil de Zamora, the Liber Mariae). There are errors, unfortunately. CSM 54, not 34, corresponds to LM 19, and Berceo's Milagro 23 should be not where it is placed but in the same column as CSM 25 and LM 13. One error is corrected by Rey: Crane listed CSM 37 as the equivalent of Berceo's Milagro 13 but this should be cantiga 87."
Associated Poems: 25 - The Jewish Moneylender and the Christian Merchant
54 - The Monk who was Healed by the Virgin’s Milk
87 - Hieronymus is Made Bishop of Pavia
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