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Author: Torres Fontes, Juan
Title: La cultura murciana en el reinado de Alfonso X
Date: 1960
Publication details: Murcia: Academia Alfonso X el Sabio, 1960. 37 pp.
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Commentary: Snow 1977, no. 284: "A succinct and useful study, which deals with the CSM on pp. 20-37. It not only summarizes the role of the city and realm of Murcia in the CSM, but also links, credibly, in one enterprise, the diverse personalities of Pedro Lourenço (CSM 377), the poet-musician Bonamic (CSM 375), and Ramón de Rocafull (CSM 382), all of whom have connections with Murcia. Torres Fontes continues to relate other personalities of Alfonso's court-Maria Balteiz, Pedr'Amigo, Ponç, Guiraut Riquier, Fray Pedro Gallego, and Pedro Gómez Barroso-to events and happenings in Murcia. His background as an historian and his judicious speculation make for a refreshingly confident approach to the factual panorama that the Alfonsine texts offer. More work of this quality is needed on the factual background of the local Iberian miracles of the CSM in order to better assess the efforts and motives of Alfonso."
Associated Poems: 375 - The Scribe whose Horse was Healed
377 - The Virgin Helps Pedro Lourenço Receive his Reward
382 - The Nobleman’s Reward
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