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Author: Hernández Serna, Joaquín
Title: El reino de Murcia en las cantigas alfonsinas del códice de Florencia
Date: 1977
Publication details: Murcia 3, no. 12 (Oct.-Dec. 1977), n. p. rnalternative publ. details from earlier Snow 2007 entry: Murcia (Revista de la Diputación Provincial) 12 (1975), no pagination.
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Commentary: Snow 2007rn"First of two articles of Murcia's presence in F, here highlighting cantigas 21 and 97 (239 and 211 in Mettmann). Black and white and color illustrations accompany an edition of the two poems, there is a summary of the contents, a description of the manuscripts and editions in which they appear, and a bibliography (sparse as it is) on them. Spanish prose translations and Anglés' transcriptions (reproduced) are given. Since both cantigas are set in areas under the control of Murcia, but not specific to the area, their localization is attributed to Alfonso's documented fondness for Murcia. A few medieval analogues for both accounts are also provided."
Associated Poems: 211 - The Bees that Repaired the Paschal Candle
239 - The Man who Swore a False Oath
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