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Author: Rameh, Cléa
Title: Cantigas de Santa Maria (trans.)
Date: 1978
Publication details: The Phantom Limb Phenomenon: A Medical, Folkloric, and Historical Study. Texts and Translations, ed. D. B. Price and N. J. Twombly (Washington, D. C.: Univ. of Georgetown Press, 1978), 72-76, 141-44, and 256-64.
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Commentary: Snow 2007: "The of the CSM figure in the collection of legendary and folkloric texts which give information about the continuing sensory response in individuals to amputated parts of the body. Cantigas 37, 81, and 265 are given in the original (Mettmann ed.) and in the full English translations of C. R."
Associated Poems: 37 - The Amputated Foot
81 - The Woman whose Face was Healed
265 - John of Damascus who Cut off his Hand
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