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CSM Number : 37
Short name: The Amputated Foot Alternative: Foot Cut Off
Incipit: Miragres fremosos/ faz por nos Santa Maria
Refrain: Miragres fremosos/ faz por nos Santa Maria/ e maravillosos
Summary of narrative
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Setting: Berria [Vivarais, France] Protagonist(s): a crippled man

A man felt a burning sensation in his foot and lay before the altar in a church dedicated to the Virgin.

The pain was so intense that he had his foot amputated.

Nevertheless, he continued to pray to the Virgin to perform a miracle on his behalf.

While he was sleeping, the Virgin stroked his foot and healed the flesh.

When he woke up he examined his foot. After discovering that it had been restored, he began to walk around.

Everyone who heard the news came to see it and gave thanks to the Virgin. They held her miracles to be more glorious than those of any other saint.

Metrical data
Stanza: 12' 12' 12' 5' Refrain: 5' 7' 5'
No. of Stanzas: 8
Rhyme scheme: ABA | ccca Zejel:
MS locations:
T37, E37, To39
Poncelet reference
Cum (al. add. a) diversis gentibus et pluribus (al. plurimis) (261)
amputation, foot, lame, limbs (restored), Saint Martial’s fire
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Miracle Collection
Foot Cut Off Pez
Foot Cut Off Phillips
(Chicago, University of Chicago, Phillipps MS 25142)
A mute boy from Cologne healed (Soissons) Gil de Zamora
(Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, MS 9503)
Foot Cut Off Gil de Zamora
(Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, MS 9503)
A mute boy from Cologne healed (Soissons) Gil de Zamora
(Madrid, Biblioteca Nacional, MS 9503)
The Lost Foot Restored [Viviers], See also Foot Cut Off BL Mariale 3
(London, BL, Additional MS 35112, ff. 21-80; 90-94)
Foot Cut Off Lisbon Mariale
(Lisbon, B.N., MS Alcobacense 149)
Foot Cut Off John of Garland
Foot Cut Off Adgar
(London, BL, Egerton 612)
Foot Cut Off BL Mariale 2
(London, BL, Arundel 346, ff. 60-73)
Foot Cut Off Mariale Magnum
(Paris Bibliothèque Nationale lat 3177)
Foot Cut Off Bartholomew of Trent
(University of Bologna, Codice 1794)
Foot Cut Off Jean Mielot, Miracles de Nostre Dame
(Oxford, Bodleian, Douce MS 374)
Foot Cut Off Anglo-Norman Miracles of the Virgin
(London, BL, Royal 20 B XIV, fols 102v-169)
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