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CSM Number : 227
Short name: The Imprisoned Squire Alternative: Squire is freed by Virgin of Villa-Sirga
Incipit: Quen os pecadores guia
Refrain: Quen os pecadores guia/ e aduz a salvaçon/ ben pode guiar os presos/ pois os saca de prijon.
Summary of narrative
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Setting: Seville and Vilasirga Protagonist(s): a squire

There was a squire from Quintanilla de Osoña who went every year to Villa-Sirga for the Virgin’s feast in August.

When he was at war in Seville, the enemy captured him.

As he lay captive, he prayed to the Virgin of Vilasirga to free him and protect him from harm.

When the feast of the Virgin arrived, he remembered it and wept. His captor asked him why he was so downcast. Hearing his reply, he grew angry and ordered one of his Moors to whip him. He was whipped mercilessly and thrown into a dungeon. Hearing his reply, he grew angry and ordered one of his Moors to whip him. He was whipped mercilessly and thrown into a dungeon.

The squire continued to pray to the Virgin and she appeared to him. She broke his bonds and he was able to sneak past the Moors who were busy saying their prayers.

The squire, carrying part of the irons that had bound him, went straight to the shrine of Vilasirga near Carrión. He entered the church and told his story to everyone.

Metrical data
Stanza: 15' 15' 15' 15 Refrain: 15 15
No. of Stanzas: 11
Rhyme scheme: AA | bbba Zejel: Yes
MS locations:
F87, E227
Poncelet reference
apparition, Assumption (feast of), ex-voto, feast day, imprisonment, Muslims/Moors, pilgrimage, squire, shackles
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