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Author: Parkinson, Stephen
Title: Aberturas e finais: rubricas, refrães, estrofes iniciais e estrofes terminais nas Cantigas de Santa Maria
Date: 2021
Publication details: Afonso X e Galicia, ed. Mercedes Brea and Pilar Lorenzo Gradín, Santiago de Compostela, Xunta de Galicia, 2021, pp. 447-478
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Commentary: reveals the construction techniques by which the apparently seamless CSM texts were assembled using standard or preconstructed components. Rubrics are always added later; refrainless poems are zajaliased by the addition of refrains drawn from a common store; opening strophes relating the narrative to the refrain (glossing strophes which epxand the refrain, and linking strophes which echo it) are added to shorter poems, as are standard closing strophes of praise and thanks. Where there is discontinuity between opening and subsequent strophes, it can no longer be assumed that the opening strophes set the model. (YWMLS 82)
Associated Poems: 7 - The Pregnant Abbess
19 - The Three Knights
29 - The Images of the Virgin Mary at Gethsemane
36 - The Light on the Masthead
37 - The Amputated Foot
41 - Garin the Moneychanger
86 - Childbirth under the Sea
88 - The Virgin’s Electuary
111 - The Drowned Priest
112 - The Ship whose Crew and Cargo were Preserved
113 - The Falling Rock of Montserrat
115 - The Boy whose Parents Dedicated him to the Devil
124 - The Man who Survived Execution so he could Make his Confession
126 - The Soldier who was Struck in the Face by an Arrow
129 - The Soldier who was Struck in the Eye by an Arrow
137 - The Lustful Knight who was Made Impotent
146 - The Man whose Eyes and Hands were Restored
147 - The Talking Sheep
149 - The German Priest who Doubted the Sacrament
152 - The Silver Bowl Filled with Bitter Liquid
166 - The Lame Man Healed at Salas
168 - The Child Revived at Salas
173 - The Man who Passed a Kidney Stone
174 - The Knight who Cut out his Tongue
182 - The Thief who was Brought back to Life
196 - The Pagan Priest
211 - The Bees that Repaired the Paschal Candle
219 - The Pulpit in the Cathedral of Siena
222 - The Chaplain who Swallowed a Spider
225 - The Priest who Swallowed a Spider
227 - The Imprisoned Squire
232 - The Knight whose Goshawk was Returned by Santa Maria de Vilasirga
238 - The Blasphemous Minstrel
239 - The Man who Swore a False Oath
242 - The Stonemason who was Held up by his Fingertips
243 - The Huntsmen who were Trapped under Ice
246 - The Woman who could not Enter a Church
249 - The Stonemason who Survived a Great Fall
251 - The Girl who was Captivated by an Image of the Christ Child
258 - The Woman whose Dough was Replenished
268 - The Lame Woman Healed at Vila Sirga
272 - The Animated Image in the Lateran
274 - The Monk who Made a Robe of Prayers
291 - The Rapist who was Released from Prison
297 - The Friar who Mocked a Statue of the Virgin
298 - The Woman who was Exorcised at Soissons
299 - The Ivory Pendant
306 - The Heretic who Disparaged the Virgin Birth
310 - Cantiga de loor
315 - The Child who Swallowed a Stalk of Wheat
322 - The Man who Choked on a Rabbit Bone
326 - The Thieves who Stole Beehives
328 - The Town of Alcanate is Renamed Porto do Santa Maria
329 - The Moor who Stole Coins from the Virgin’s Altar
339 - The Fish that Plugged a Hole in a Ship
352 - The Moulting Goshawk
363 - The Imprisoned Troubadour
372 - The Rabid Woman
378 - The Bleeding Girl who was Healed
399 - The Mother who Tried to Kill her Baby
405 - The Image of the Virgin that was Unveiled Each Saturday
409 - Cantiga de loor
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