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CSM Number : 276
Short name: The Huntsman whose Skull was Crushed by a Bell Alternative: Huntsman's skull crushed by bell
Incipit: Quen a Virgen por sennor/ tever, de todo mal guarrá
Refrain: Quen a Virgen por sennor/ tever, de todo mal guarrá .
Summary of narrative
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Setting: Prado [in the rubric this is said to be near Segovia] Protagonist(s): a huntsman [according to the rubric,

A huntsman entered the church of the Virgin at Prado.

He started ringing the bells and one fell down and struck him on the head.

When the other huntsmen caught up with him and entered the church, they found that his head was completely crushed. It was as soft as butter or a ripe pear.

They thought he must be dead, but they laid him before the altar nonetheless.

The injured man lay there all night, but in the morning he rose up and went with the others.

His head was completely cured.

Metrical data
Stanza: 7 6’ 7 8 [6’ 1] Refrain: 7 8
No. of Stanzas: 12
Rhyme scheme: AB | cdcdb Zejel:
MS locations:
F80, E276
Poncelet reference
accident, bell, head injury, hunting, king, wound, blow (struck)
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Montero Santalha, José-Martinho
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